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lailani apartments kona

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LA ILANI APARTMENTS 74-984 Manawale a Street, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740 Phone: (808) 327-4996 Fax: (808) 327-4998 All household members 18 years and over are required to sign the application. All applications
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Hi guys leilani here again and this timei want to talk about the reward system Iuse in my VIP ed classroom and how andwhere I got them from so when you aredoing your interview or a demo lesson ormonth one and month to the theinstruction that is in that was in therein your slides with the happy face and amonkey and banana so when I was in theprocess of applying to be a VIP kidteacher I asked my husband to download apicture of a smiley face and it was likethis I think he photoshopped it or putit on a pane and I told him to I justwant the teeth part so he cut the wholeteeth part and paste it to another sheetthat I I also cut and turn them intowhite piece of tea and then black handthis part before printing so like noteeth were now so if a kid answer andokay hey good job you get alright- and now he answered good again you getanother tooth so you got two teeth untilwho complete completes the childcompletes the set of teeth so and therewas also the monkey and banana but forme I want mine in a banana tree orbanana plant so also downloaded apicture of a banana tree your plant andsome bananas you did a good job untilyeah as many bananas as long as heanswers the questions correctlyokay and so I want I really really wantlike right now that I'm already teachingand legit teacher at the etiquette Iwantto add some more reward system andsupplementary tools that will help me soI came across things one and a DollarTree pedometer store so actuallybasically therefore supposed to becompound words so I just got the ideafrom these these ones like The Beehivethe hot-air balloon and the apple treethey look exactly like this he eyed thehot-air balloon and the apple tree mmmwhich I photocopied colored and theresult was this hot air balloon but Icouldn't use their cloud cause like Isaid they're for compound words so Iprinted downloaded a picture image ofclouds and yeah this is you did a goodjob that was a great answervery good and my apple tree like thatexactly the same folder coffee-coloredand then pictures of apples very goodgood job and by the way in my some of myYouTube comments someone asked like howdo I make my apples or bananas takeactually these pockets are also fromdollar store or dollar tree very verygood store teachers love them thosestores in Canada it's Dollarama so theseare not magnetic I just use I don't knowif you can see it hmmdouble-sided tape so that makes makesthem stick okay so and what else my bebehind so downloaded image should behere did a good job or your your answeris greg very good high five so yeahbecauseso exactly the same as this so I lovetaller story and also what if kids lovepets because they do they really havepets at home sometimes they will showyou downloaded a colored picture a puppyand what do puppies love or dogs love noyou get a bone okay two bones now okayas long as the kids are answering reallyreally nice and good and correct okaybut there are also ages of kids that arekind of like level three...